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hey lovelies!  what would be a thing you would like me to make a zine out of?  

1. Ghibli heroines as villains 

2. Drink series like that cafe au lait with the girl I did

3. girly vehicles?  scooters, motorcycles, etc but superfrilly

4. ranma 1/2

5. zelda zine with illustrations of zelda as the main character in every game

6. Any other ideas??

Hey guys!!  Y’know what, I really love looking through all the artists that follow me but sometimes it’s hard to find you guys.

 If you’ve got your own work up on your tumblr, will you reply to this so I can stalk you?

guys guys I’ve sat down and I can’t get up

send help

Dear Followers:

What is the best kind of cake?

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